A few days ago, as soon as I was sent a post (the view of love), I sorted it out, summed it up, and added some of my thoughts, which became this article, which is also considered to be re creation! 26 Related words A: Accept Baidu explains: mentally accommodate things without refusing. If you love him or her, you must accept everything about him or her, even his or her shortcomings. If you look at dialectically, shortcomings are actually advantages in some aspects. Therefore, you need to see more of his (her) strengths and appreciate more of his (her) weaknesses. B: Baidu: mutual dependence, trust. Don't trust each other, often cross examine with suspicion, this mutual guess of love, the end is often only. Therefore, trust is the cornerstone of love! C: Care Baidu explains: always put people or things in your heart; value and love. Yuanxr1315 heart line: the degree of care can show your care for him or her. Call him or her and say hello: "hard work?" , or send a text message to him or her: "don't forget to add clothes when the weather is cold" to keep the other person warm. So, to express the right concern, will achieve a period, excessive care, will let each other, love, also need to maintain a certain distance! D: Digest (understand) Baidu explains: know what it is, and know why it is. Also known as understanding or understanding. D: Digest (understand) Baidu explains: know what it is, and know why it is. Also known as understanding or understanding. Love, the bottom of the mood, you just need to stand quietly beside him (her), give him (her) a firm. Remember not to blame. Because, empathy, has been a good comfort to him (her)! E: Enjoy () Baidu explained: in the heart or on the get, request and can be achieved. You should enjoy all the appreciation and love from the other party. Such love will become more pleasant. You can't just complain and pick bones from the eggs. So, please spit out fragrance, increase, no nutrition words, each other's language, never say! F: Freedom () Baidu explains: it is up to itself, unrestricted and constrained. Even if you are married, you should also give him or her the right to freedom and preservation. He or she is not your lifelong slave. Don't let him or her think that marrying you is like being trapped in a cage. Therefore, it is the best way for two people to get along with each other by giving them some private space and moderate freedom! G: Give Baidu explained: make others get, give. Love, not necessarily you pay "one", it will certainly take back "one", but you do not pay, it will not harvest. So, to give is also a kind of, a!